Barry began the Home Based Travel Agent Show on February 26, 2005.  The Home Based Travel Agent Show is the oldest travel business show on the internet.  Barry started his home based travel agent business in the fall of 2004.  Podcasting and the world of new media came onto the radar screen at the same time. Barry, the ultimate early adopter, was aware of the new media revolution and decided to create a podcast about his experience in creating a home based travel business.  Thus the Home Based Travel Agent Show was born.

By the summer of 2005, the show’s listener base grew and Lorene Romero became an “engaged” listener.  Lorene’s ideas and interest in the show sparked Barry to ask her to come on the show as the co-host.  Lorene joined the show in November of 2005, and has been the primary personality of the show ever since.

Barry is a lawyer by profession and his day job is general counsel and chief financial officer for Blubrry, a Rawvoice, Inc. brand.  Rawvoice/Blubrry provides services to podcasters. When Barry is away from his day job he pursues his interests in the travel business and the world of new media – podcasting, blogs, video casts, Twitter and Facebook.

Barry is married to Gail Kantz and has a son Jason, daughter-in-law Angela; and three beautiful grandchildren, Elsa, Jacob and Jessica. The kids and grand kids live in Ossipee, New Hampshire where Angela is a stay at home mom and Jason works in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is employed in the high tech world of specialized software development.

Barry loves dogs, cats, birds and all animals. One of the joys of Barry’s life are his dogs Coco and Gidget. Coco is a very intelligent Maltese-Poodle mix. Coco has more personality than 80% of the humans you meet on a daily basis. Gidget is a sweet Yorkshire Terrier and loves to keep her dad company. Occasionally you will hear Coco’s bark on the Home Based Travel Agent Show.

Barry lives near the small town of Coopersville, Michigan. Coopersville is about ten miles from the beautiful sand dune shores of Lake Michigan. The shoreline of Lake Michigan is an undiscovered gem of the travel industry. The beaches of Lake Michigan are among the most beautiful in the world. Be sure to look me up, leave a message on Facebook or drop me an email, if you are in the West Michigan area.

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  1. Hi Barry,
    I just stumbled across your website and podcast. I need a little guidance on a couple of things because I am interested in doing group travel and tours and I don’t see too much on that. I am the Youth Director at my church full-time. Because I take the teens/parents on an overnight trip each year (for 9 years) I have become somewhat interested in possibly starting something on my own. I decided to take an adult group to Washington, DC and New York this past summer and we had such a great time that everyone keeps asking where we are going next. My question is, is there a host agency or special training to help get me started doing something like this on my own. I book hotels, theatre tickets and other activities but listening to your podcasts shows me that there is a LOT that I need to learn. By the way, I am planning on bringing a group to Michigan next summer. Thank you, Kay Tolly

  2. Hi Kay,
    I used to set up shopping trips using a large motor coach. The trips were day trips to Chicago and the Detroit area. This was all before became a travel agent and before I knew host agencies existed. I think you can hire a motor coach and make arrangements with hotels without associating with a host agency. You negotiate a price for a block of rooms at a hotel and then add your markup within the package price for the trip. You have good negotiating power if you are booking 20 rooms. Eventually you can join up with the United States Tour Operators’ Association. I say eventually because USTOA requires you to have three years experience in the business. Let me know if I can help you with your Michigan trip.

  3. Dear Barry & Lorene,

    I recently came across your podcast and I want you to know that the show about selling emotion rather than selling details made a huge impact on my recent re-branding efforts. After listening to the show, I wrote down all my feelings about what travel has meant in my life and what it is about the magic of travel that I want to share with others. I then took all of those notes and re-wrote my mission statement which turned into an entire theme for my new website. Your show has been a huge game-changer for me. Thank you for your expertise and inspiration.

  4. Hi Barry!

    I am brand new to the travel industry and just signed with a host agency but am still in the dark about the ins-outs of actually booking travel as an agent and what that process looks like. My host agency has lots of destination training but nothing that ‘teaches you how to be an agent.’

    I’ve heard a few episodes of the show now and recall that you got started with Kelly Monaghan’s course, I’m wondering if you would recommend his program for someone who is truly starting from the very bottom? I purchased a text book through the Travel Institute recently and found that it focused more on history and theory than it did on actual practices and procedures and don’t want to spend more money on a course that isn’t going to provide the start up tools I’m looking for.

    Any insights or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for all the work you do on the podcast, it’s been a huge help and inspiration during this process.


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