General Information

The Home Based Travel Agent Show is one of the oldest travel related podcasts currently produced. Barry started the show in February 2005 and not long after Lorene became a vocal listener sending Barry emails about the show. Lorene, obviously an avid fan of the Show, was invited to participate as a co-host, joining the show in September of 2005. We published the show weekly until December 2012 and thereafter publishing monthly.

The Home Based Travel Agent Show is a labor of love for Barry and Lorene. Neither Barry, Lorene or any other entity receives compensation in any form from the guests we have on our show. The guests are invited because we feel they offer value to the travel trade industry and that is the sole reason they are invited to the show.

Don’t get me wrong. We would love to have a sponsor or sponsors for the show, and when we do have a sponsor, no doubts will exist that they are a sponsor. Whether we have a sponsor, or not, our goal will always be to provide the travel professional with valuable information.

Always the best,