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The Home Based Travel Agent Show is one of the oldest travel related podcasts currently produced. Barry started the show in February 2005 and not long after Lorene became a vocal listener sending Barry emails about the show. Lorene, obviously an avid fan of the Show, was invited to participate as a co-host, joining the show in September of 2005. We published the show weekly until December 2012 and thereafter publishing monthly.

The Home Based Travel Agent Show is a labor of love for Barry and Lorene. Neither Barry, Lorene or any other entity receives compensation in any form from the guests we have on our show. The guests are invited because we feel they offer value to the travel trade industry and that is the sole reason they are invited to the show.

You will see advertising, in the form of Google Ads, on the web page. This is a form of revenue for the Home Based Travel Agent Show but unfortunately the revenue generated from this source does not cover the cost of the domain name let alone the costs of hosting and the hundreds of hours invested in producing the show.

Don’t get me wrong. We would love to have a sponsor or sponsors for the show, and when we do have a sponsor, no doubts will exist that they are a sponsor. Whether we have a sponsor, or not, our goal will always be to provide the travel professional with valuable information.

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5 thoughts on “General Information

  1. Where were you when I struggled to become a home based travel agent? You will be of great help to many I am sure, and I will be glad to spread the word. I am taking my experience and using some of it to provide information that relates to travel, and soon and upcoming blog.
    I would love to share links with you!

  2. I happened upon your site while searching for home based travel agent resources. I am a freelance writer and writer about travel, food and wine (I used to import wine from Hungary), currently living in Florida on the Nature Coast.

    I promote Hungary on my social media —, as well as through a tumblr blog – I lived in Hungary and have been there, traveling around the country for 10 years. As an adjunct instructor I created two study abroad tours to Hungary — one on Agricultural Business and one on Film and Television (including a Film Festival outside of Budapest). If you are interested in doing a program about Hungary or Budapest I would be happy to work with you on that, because I know it is not always very well known or considered for travel. However, the NY Times named Budapest as a top travel destination for 2017, and many,many Hollywood celebrities are making movies there because of the initiatives and a film studio outside of Budapest. I will be there in the summer going on the movie tour, wine tours, beer spa experiences, and other adventures. I have given a talk at libraries about Hungary, and I have tried to include travel agents as a target group to reach. Please let me know.

    I also write frequently about Florida’s Nature Coast on the west side of the state. I’m writing for the Tourist Bureau and one county’s Chamber of Commerce, and I write for a local paper, including destinations for day trips for families to go to in the summer. If you are interested in doing a show on that, I could give you some information on the little known areas for eco-tourism, hiking, biking, kayaking. This weekend is a manatee festival since they come into the area now that it is cold. There are lots of farms, and old Florida places of interest, historical homes and museums, as well as small towns with boutiques, bistros, breweries, coffee shops, tea houses and pubs. In addition, there are wildlife parks, horseback riding, and river rafting.

    Let me know. I’d love to chat about the possibility of doing something with you.

  3. Hi Diane – I would love to have you on the Show to talk about travel to Hungary. I just spoke with someone who traveled to Hungary and they loved it!

  4. Hi Barry – I have just recently started giving thought of changing careers and getting into the travel industry. well researching this change I keep getting overwhelmed on travel agent online schooling. I know you don’t need a certificate or degree to break into the travel industry, but what are your thoughts on travel agent online schools? I am thinking it would be good for a newbie like i would be to learn some of the ins and outs of the trade, but by doing this do you think it holds any value to its “graduates”. I would rather spend my money on training that is worth it and not “schooling” that doesn’t hold any value.

    Thank you for such a great podcast you have taught me so much or have gotten me to think about things i never realized i should be, when thinking about selling travel or becoming an agent.


  5. Hi Luke – I suggest you find a good host agency who accepts new travel agents and take advantage of their training programs. This method allows you to jump right in and sell travel at the same time learning the business. There are travel agents out there that will mentor you and likely you can find one through your host agency. Most host agencies have email lists or bulletin boards where you can ask questions and the experienced travel agents are willing to help by answering your questions. Host agencies who accept new travel agents are typically more expensive to join but the reason is they spend more time with the new agent. The list of host agencies that NACTA has on their web site is a good place to start looking into a host agency that will fit your needs. I wish you the best – Barry.

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