Guest List

Here is a chronological list of shows with guests and some brief information on topics. If you want to narrow things down a bit go to the home page and enter some search words in the search bar on the right side of the page. 

Show 429 – Barry talks about how to make your content interesting for success on social media

Show 428 – Eric Seropyan talks about the importance of search engine optimization

Show 427 – Kevin Cabe from GroupTravel Odyssey

Show 426 – Chris Christensen on wildlife adventures around the Galapagos Islands

Show 425 – Michele Cartright on building your travel business

Show 424 – Rachel Hill, travel marketing specialist

Show 423 – Howie Flatten talks about the best job he ever had — a travel agent

Show 422 – Barry talks about the future of travel and tourism

Show 421 – Year-end show compilations of the best clips of the Home Based Travel Agent Show

Show 420 – Zoë Wood gives us a lighter look at her visits to popular theme parks

Show 419 – Gary Ebels makes a visit to Disney World and tells us what has changed

Show 418 – Barry Kantz talks about client avatars and working with your sales funnel

Show 417 – Gary Ebels talks about who is offering a little magic during the pandemic

Show 416 – Steven Brass talks about travel safety

Show 415 – Catherine Heeg talks about what travel will look like when the Coronavirus winds down

Show 414 – Catherine Heeg talks about how to engage your followers on social media

Show 413 –  Nicole Thibault talks about traveling with autistic children

Show 412 – Guida Botelho, CTIE, from The Travel Institute talks about travel agent certification through the Travel Institute

Show 411 – Diane Petras, CTIE from the Travel Institute talks about insights into the travel industry

Show 410 – Susan Schneider talks about how she made her travel agency a success

Show 409 – Matt Bertram talks about leveraging your business with social media

Show 408 – Lorene Romero talks about where fire, fine wine and tourism intersect

Show 407 – Mandy Garcia from Salmonberry Tours talks about finding your Alaska (Part 2)

Show 406 – Mandy Garcia from Salmonberry Tours talks about finding your Alaska (Part 1)

Show 405 – Benjamin Clark from the Charles Schultz Museum and Research Center talks about this fascinating destination

Show 404 – Todd Cochrane talks about Hawaii from an insider’s perspective

Show 403 – Jennifer Belz from TravPro — travel agent sales tools.

Show 402 – Michelle Glass from the Uncruise Small Ship Adventures

Show 401 – Barry Kantz talks about putting every dollar you earn to work with YouNeedABudget

Show 400 – Rebecca Stacey with Zegraham Expeditions

Show 399 – Nolan Burris with Future Proof Travel

Show 398 – Chris Christensen with the Amateur Traveler Podcast

Show 397 – Barry Kantz

Show 396 – Lorene Romero with the Windsor, California Chamber of Commerce

Show 395 – Deleyse Langdale, Vice President of Global Tourism Development for Sonoma County

Show 394 – Lynda Phillippi with the American Association of Travel Advisors

Show 393 – Waynette Kwon with Paradise Helicopters

Show 392 – Rebecca Stacey with Zegrahm Expeditions

Show 391 – Catherine Heeg with Customized Management Solutions

Show 390 -Barry and Lorene

Show 389 – Steve Spurlock with Goway Travel

Show 388 – Catherine Heeg with Customized Management Solutions

Show 387 – Serene Hutchinson with Juneau Tours

Show 386 – Kathy Hedges with Northern Alaska Tour Company

Show 385 – Gina Murrow with Paint-a-Scarf

Show 384 – Max Termaine with Travel Sherpas

Show 383 – Stephanie Lee from Host Agency Reviews

Show 382 – Vacation Rental Properties with Joshua Viner and Rebecca Aldous

Show 381 – Destination Anchorage with Tina Froehle

Show 380 – The Alaska Railroad with Sasha Thelens

Show 379 – Destination Hungary with Diane Dobry

Show 378 – The Selling Process with Benjamin Brown

Show 377 – Alaskan Dream Cruises with Michelle Glass

Show 376 – Alaska Photo Treks with Jodi Overstreet

Show 375 – Business 101 with Barry

Show 373 – Viking Ocean Cruises with Chris Christensen

Show 372 – Playa Resorts with Jeannie Bean

Show 371 – Touring Germany with Chris Christensen

Show 370 – NACTA Opportunities with Lorene

Show 369 – Business 101 with Barry

Show 368 – Megan Pringle from Magnum Travel Worldwide

Show 367 – Jason Maltais with Fathom Cruise Lines

Show 366 – Business 101 with Barry about a productivity tool

Show 365 – Waynette Kwon with Paradise Helicopters

Show 364 – Catherine Heeg on using video

Show 363 – Barry and Lorene on business planning

Show 362 – Chris Christensen about a Viking River Cruise on the Duoro River

Show 361 – Business 101 Topic with Barry Kantz

Show 360 – Scott Rutz with Travefy and Rem Malloy with Italy4Real

Show 359 – Salmonberry Tours with Candice McDonald and Mandy Garcia

Show 358 – Josh Winston, Tourism Director for National Harbor

Show 357 – Chris Christensen talks about Morocco and Intrepid Travel

Show 356 – Ann van Leeuwen, the President of NACTA

Show 355 – Alice Macalla, Director of Industry Affairs for Sandal’s Royal Bahamiam Beach Resort

Show 354 – Kaitlyn Duggan and Mandy Morrissey from Intrepid Travel talk about Cuba

Show 353 – Stephen Spurlock with Goway Travel

Show 352 – Chris Kai’aokamālie from Maui Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

Show 351 –  Catherine Heeg from Customized Management Solutions

Show 350 – Nolan Burris from Future Proof Travel Solutions

Show 349 – Elizabeth Johnson from Buffalo Tours

Show 347 – Kelly Bergin and Lisa Baron from Oasis Agents

Show 346 – Krista Joy from the Disneyways Podcast along with Gary Ebels

Show 345 – Candice McDonald from Salmonberry Tours, Alaska

Show 344 – Howie Perlin from African Travels, Inc.

Show 343 – John Hawks from the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist Association

Show 342 – Jody Overstreet entices travel agents with her tours combining photography classes with the natural beauty of Alaska.

Show 341 – Paco Ojeda talks about the beauty and attractions in Puerta Vallarta.

Show 340 – Jim Reddekopp continues our discussion on how to create a tour agency.

Show 339 – A holiday “best of” show featuring Dave Stockert and Cris DeSouza talking about ideas, planning and action.

Show 338 – Chris Christensen, The Amateur Traveler Podcast

Show 337 – Jim Reddekopp from Entrepreneurs in Travel

Show 336 – Lorene Romero about the Visit Anchorage fam trip

Show 335 – Mina Agnos and Sonia Athans from Travel2Greec

Show 334 – Catherine Heeg, a social media expert in the travel trade

Show 333 – Shelley Kakula, the Executive Director of the Kaanapali Beach Resort Association

Show 332 – Emily Peters, Montrose Travel

Show 331 – Josh Winston, Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau

Show 330 – Ann Van Leeuwen, Vice President, The National Association of Career Travel Agents

Show 329 – Sandra Weinacht and Crista Hartenstein from Incantanto Tours

Show 328 – Vivianne Schael from Exclusively Spain

Show 327 – Barry and Lorene discuss what’s happening in the new year for the Home Based Travel Agent Show

Show 326 – Jodi Overstreet and David Kasser from Visit Anchorage talk about their travel agent training program, “Alaska Wild Expert.”

Show 325 – Candice McDonald of Salmon Berry Tours talks about Alaska’s northern lights and culinary delights.

Show 324 – Lorene Romero describes in detail her experience on the Alaska Dream Cruise fam trip.

Show 323 – John Tanzella explains the travel agent benefits of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association

Show 322 – Lisa Presley from Globus Family of Brands talks about Riverboat Cruises.

Show 321 – Catherine Heeg shines some light on the new social media site, “Pinterest.”

Show 320 – Chris Austin from Starwood Hotels talks about Starwood’s travel agent programs

Show 319 – Lorene Romero talks about her upcoming fam trip on Alaska Dream Cruises

Show 318 – Gary Ebels talks about what’s new and exciting at Disney

Show 317 – Catheringe Heeg talks about finding content for Twitter or your travel agent blog

Show 316 – Ann VanLeeuwen from the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA)

Show 315 – Cris DeSouza from Celebrity Cruise Lines

Show 314 – Jodi Overstreet and David Kasser from the Anchorage Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

Show 313 – Cathering Heeg from Customized Management Solutions

Show 312 – Chris Babb from the Group Tour Company

Show 311 – Shelly Bergin from Oasis Agents

Show 310 – Jeff Adam from AAT Kings

Show 308 – Bobbi Hamadi of Nexion (Part 2)

Show 307 – Bobbi Hamadi of Nexion

Show 306 – Jay Rubenstein of the Royal Kona Resort

Show 304 – OSSN President, Gary Fee

Show 303 – Author, Anita Pagliasso

Show 302 – Jim Reddekopp from Earth Bound Tours

Show 301 – Jim Cloonan and Anita Pagliasso with the Travel Show Marketing Group

Show 299 – Mary Clegg with NACTA

Show 298 – Maile Horner from the Kauai Visitors’ Bureau

Show 297  – Chris Kai’ aokamalie from the Maui Visitors’ Bureau

Show 295 – Micco Godinez talks about his Alaska adventures

 Show 294 – Waynette Kwon of the Big Island Visitors’ Burea

Show 293 – Cris DeSouza of Celebrity Cruise Lines

Show 292 – Edie Bornstein of Azamara Cruise Lines

Show 291 – Chris Austin of Starwood Hotels

Show 290 – Penney Rudicil, NACTA’s technology guru

Show 289 – Josh Winston of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

Show 288 – Kathleen Kavanagh with the Globus Family of Brands

Show 287 – Gary Ebels talks about Disney

Show 286 – Mike Crimmins from the Daily Shot of Coffee blog

Show 285 – Steve Echtman from Hear Planet

Show 284 – Andrew Garnett from Special Needs at Sea

Show 283 – Bob Duglin from the National Association of Career Travel Agents (NACTA)

Show 281 – Chris Christensen from The Amateur Traveler Podcast

Show 280 – Scott Koepf from Avoya Travel

Show 276 – Mike Weldon from Viking Riverboat Cruises.

Show 274 – Candice Cummings from the Koa Store.

Show 273 – Micco Godinez talks about his company Kayak Kauai and the tours offered.

Show 271 – Celia Coene and her unforgettable tours of France.

Show 270 – Ethan Tyler describes the 26 Glaciers day cruise.

Show 268 – Gray Cargill talks about traveling solo.

Show 266 – Ethan Tyler talks about new tours offered by Alaska Airlines.

Show 263 – Dave Stockert, V.P of Holland America Cruise Lines talks about his book the Idea Machine.  This is a repeat of an interview from September 23, 2007.

Show 261 – Ethan Tyler, the Director of Business Development for the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center

Show 260 – Stephanie Lee and Martin Bell from Travel Quest Host Agency talk about free social media webinars

Show 259 – Olvin Sanchez from the Hilton Garden Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Show 254 – Ryan Robutka from the Vancouver Tourism Bureau

Show 253 – Stephanie Lee from TravelQuest Host Agency

Show 252 – Anna Figueroa from Amawaterways

Show 251 – Adam Lapsevich from Digital Design Video

Show 250 – Howie Perlin from Ya’alla Tours

Show 246 – Tania Hancock from the Anchorage Visitors and Convention Bureau

Show 245 – Ambrose Bittner on Traveling to Asia

Show 242 – Stuart Lopata of Maverick Helicopters