172 – Training While Cruising, Check This Out

Charlie Dubinsky of Cruise and Travel University joins the show to talk about several cruise and training opportunities offered in the near future. The Cruise
and Travel University
offers amazing training opportunities during
cruises on a variety cruise lines. You have the opportunity to complete CLIA
courses and obtain CLIA credits on many of the cruises. The training offers
other useful topics on sales and marketing to help you grow your travel business.
You can receive this excellent training plus go on a cruies for less than
one-hundred dollars per day. The http://cruiseandtraveluniversity.com/ is not a paid sponsor of the Home Based Travel Agent Show. We bring you this information because of the great value for you as a travel agent.

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Learn, enjoy, produce and prosper!

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Posted By Barry Kantz to Home Based Travel Agent Podcast at 9/14/2008 08:02:00 AM