287 – Disney Cruises and Disney Education for the Travel Agent

Podcast Number 287

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Gary Ebels talks about Disney Cruises and their expansion to the west coast. Gary also talks about Disney’s excellent travel agent training. Join Gary, Lorene and Barry in the co-hosted segment to learn more about these exciting Disney products.

Travel Agent information for the Disney Cruise Line mentioned in this show can be found at Disney Travel Agents http://www.disneytravelagents.com/ (you must have a IATAN number and account) > My Disney Tools (on top navigation bar) > Disney Learning Connection > Access The Disney Learning Connection > Disney Cruise Line – Sailing To Success
Disney Resources – Passporter.com Award winning guidebooks, e-books, articles and forums.


Airlines may have to pay for your lost bags

Amadeus helps travel agents into the world of social media

Norwegian Cruise Lines names Special Needs Group as its exclusive supplier

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