314 – Learn About Anchorage And Win A Fam Trip

Podcast Number 314

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Join the fun and become an Anchorage Wild Expert (AWE) and possibly win a familiarization trip to Anchorage. Jody Overstreet and David Kasser join us in the co hosted segment where we talk about the great destination of Anchorage, Alaska. Jody and David are from the Anchorage Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. Jody and David explain the AWE certification program that, when completed, will allow you access to the AWE Alumni Facebook page. You can win Fam trips by participating in contests on the AWE Facebook page and continue your learning about Anchorage. A new Anchorage.net website will go online next week where travel trade professionals will find easy access to information about the AWE training and other great content for the travel professional. Join us by listening to the show and learn more about the exciting opportunities offered by the Anchorage Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.

The best way to contact David or Jody is by email at; joverstreet@anchorage.net or dkasser@anchorage.net.


Travel News

The Los Angeles Times Travel Show coming in late January

Near term travel trends

Disney cancels Mexico cruises

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