319 – Pack Your Bags For This Alaskan Dream Cruise

Podcast Number 319

Special Edition

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Every once and a while a great opportunity comes up that Lorene and I want to pass along to you. This show is a special edition to let you know about a FAM trip that you can take advantage of to expand your product line and bring a very unique product to your clients.

Alaskan Dream Cruises along with NACTA is offering a FAM trip to familiarize you with a small ship cruise that will bring you up close to amazing wildlife and the beauty of the Alaska coastline. You will experience shore trips on all terrain vehicles and take a personal watercraft called a Zeego to explore some of Alaska’s beautiful waterways. While on board you will experience excellent cuisine, including fresh seafood from Alaska.

The FAM cruise leaves Sitka, Alaska on June 23, 2012 and returns to Sitka on June 30, 2012. The cruise includes all dining and shore trips, exactly what your clients will experience when they sail with Alaskan Dream Cruises.

Listen to the show and hear Michael Wien describe the beauty and excitement you will experience on this great FAM trip. You can learn more by logging in to the NACTA website or immediately begin the qualification process by clicking the link following NACTA‘s description of the FAM below.

You can learn more about opportunities to grow you business with Alaskan Dream Cruises by calling the toll free number, 855-747-8100.

Alaskan Dream Cruises
Your fabulous cruise on the Admiral Dream will depart Sitka on an 8 day cruise on June 23, returning to Sitka on June 30, 2012. Qualification is required. Click on the following link for qualification.


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