368 – A River Cruise for Knitters and a Host Agency for You

Podcast Number 368

How does knitting, a river cruise and a host agency all tie together? Well I never know what’s going to happen when I produce a show. I was contacted by Laurie Scheid, a travel agent and long time listener, who explained that she wanted some help selling a few cabins on a river cruise. She need help because of a family emergency. So I decided to put her on the show so she could explain the river cruise and it so happens the cruise has a knitting theme and is hosted by an expert in Brazilian Knitting. Please contact Laurie if you have anyone interested in knitting and taking a river cruise.

Now the host agency part. Megan Pringle from Magnum Travel Worldwide is our guest for this month’s show. Magnum Travel Worldwide is a family owned host agency working with agents of all levels of experience, including a unique program for business owners who want to offer their existing customer base travel opportunities. In addition, Magnum has a program for agents who are starting out, or have a little experience but need the support of a good host agency to get them rolling. And, for the experienced travel agent, Magnum offers a program where you keep 100% of your commission.

As a disclaimer, Magnum Travel Worldwide is now a sponsor of the Home Based Travel Agent Show and by signing up as an agent with Magnum you are supporting the Show. Megan is offering listeners to the Show the opportunity to give her host agency a try for 30 days for free if you sign up before June 30, 2016. I think by just listening to Megan on the Show you will get the sense that Megan and her family are 100% dedicated to their agents.


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