385 – The Alaska Northern Lights on Silk

Podcast Number 385

 Travel agents wish to give their clients unforgettable memories and experiences they share with family and friends. Lorene had the opportunity to try this on one of her many trips to Alaska and she just loved it so we thought we would bring it to you. The experience we share with you in this show is something your clients will rave about. What we are talking about is a relaxing break from what often is a full schedule of sightseeing. Your clients will gather with a small group at a log cabin that offers a spectacular view where they will enjoy some fine food while they produce a piece of art they take home with them. This is the Alaska Paint a Scarf experience. Your clients are guided by expert scarf painters as they use their own imagination to create beautiful scenes on pieces of silk. Your clients leave with a beautiful memento to show family and friends and years down the road when the client looks at the scarf the memories of a wonderful trip will transport them to the log cabin with the spectacular view.
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