189 – Lorene and Barry Answer Questions From a New Travel Agent

Show Number 189

Lucianne Evans joins Lorene and Barry in the co-hosted segment of the show.
Lucianne is a new travel agent. She turns the tables and interviews Lorene
and Barry. Lucianne asks questions such as, “I have a friend who books
travel online.” “How do I ask him to book travel through me?” “Do I have to
spend money on expensive travel booking software to run a travel business?”
Plus, Barry reviews several articles identifying travel trends for 2009.
Learn what people are doing with their travel plans for 2009.

Where the pros are betting their travel dollars in 2009.

Travel is still a priority in the lives of Americans.

Orbitz Travel Trends

Destinations that may prove hot this year

Learn, enjoy, produce and prosper!

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