198 – Ideas to Promote Yourself and Grow Your Business

Podcast Number 198

Boosting your business is all about promoting yourself. Barry and Lorene talk about ways you can promote yourself and your business. Our discussion centers around Dave Stockert’s book, The IDEA MACHINE II. Dave offers over 300 ideas on how to promote your business and generate more sales.

The Australian Company, Thirsty Swagman Tours is looking for a travel agent in the U.S. to follow up on leads in the U.S. and Canada. Call Kenneth at their 24 hour number +61 8 9257 3898 if you are interested. Or, email him at info@thirstyswagman.com.

Travel News

Cruise line executives cautiously optimistic about staying afloat

AccuWeather meteorologist predicts fewer hurricanes for the 2009 season

Royal Caribbean to offer a land and cruise vacation

Book your hotel on the layaway plan

Learn, enjoy, produce and prosper!

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