242 – An Interview With One of the Travel Channels Best Tours – Maverick Helicopters

Podcast Number 242

Barry and Lorene interview Stuart Lopata the Vice President for Industry Sales at Maverick Aviation Group.  There is nothing like a tour of the Grand Canyon by helicopter.  Maverick Helicopters offer a variety of Grand Canyon tours.  You can set your clients up for a thrill of a lifetime by booking them for a Maverick Helicopter tour the next time they travel to Las Vegas.  In the show we discuss the tours, the helicopters and the great commissions for travel agents.

Stuart surprised us by offering our listeners a 50% discount on a tour if you mention that you heard this interview with Barry and Lorene.  This offer applies if you book a tour for yourself.  You have to call Maverick direct at 1-888-261-4414 to take advantage of the discount.  Listen to the show for additional details.

Barry and Lorene have experienced Maverick Helicopter tours.  We loved our experience on the tours and after Lorene completed her tour she called Maverick to arrange an interview for this show.  We have received no compensation for this interview (the disclaimer).  We invited Stuart on the show because we love the product and believe your clients will love you for booking a Maverick tour for them.


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