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The Uncruise Adventure

Podcast Number 402 SHOW NOTES The Uncruise Adventures are a really small ship experience where the ships travel to exotic places with between 22 and 90 passengers. The experience is all inclusive which includes all activities, meals, alcohol, and soft drinks. The Uncruise Adventures offer your clients popular destinations like Hawaii and Alaska, or exotic … Continue reading The Uncruise Adventure

An Amazing Antarctic Expedition

Podcast Number 400 SHOW NOTES Rebecca Stacey, from Zegraham Expeditions, just returned from a three-week expedition to the Antarctica Peninsula, the Falkland Islands, and South Georgia Islands.  Rebecca joins our show to talk about her expedition to Antarctica. You can sense the excitement and awe in Rebecca’s voice as she describes what she saw and what she … Continue reading An Amazing Antarctic Expedition

Let’s Go On a Safari Adventure in Botswana

Podcast Number 398 SHOW NOTES Go on a safari with us during this month’s show. We will travel to Botswana, a small country of 2 million people just north of South Africa, and learn about mobile safaris and lodge safaris. Both offer luxury accommodations for you or your clients. Chris Christensen, the award-winning podcaster and host of the … Continue reading Let’s Go On a Safari Adventure in Botswana

Beautiful Sonoma County for the Travel Trade

Podcast Number 395 SHOW NOTES Sonoma County California was in the midst of a firestorm at this time back in 2017. The recovery has been miraculous and Sonoma County is, and has been, open for business. Sonoma County is a beautiful place to send clients whether they are looking for luxury travel or simple small town … Continue reading Beautiful Sonoma County for the Travel Trade

Paradise Helicopters and the Kilauea Volcano

Podcast Number 393 SHOW NOTES Simply by watching the news, you would think that the Big Island of Hawaii is engulfed in a volcanic eruption. Well, that is simply not the case. The Big Island consists of 4,028 square miles and Kilauea is only affecting 1% of the Island. Waynette Kwon from Paradise Helicopters joins … Continue reading Paradise Helicopters and the Kilauea Volcano

Turning Your Client’s Travel Dreams Into Reality

Podcast Number 389 SHOW NOTES  Do you have clients who want to travel to exotic places, experience things few other people have the opportunity to experience, and work with experts who have local knowledge of those destinations? Goway Travel can arrange those travels whether for groups, weddings or specially designed itineraries. Steve Spurlock, business development … Continue reading Turning Your Client’s Travel Dreams Into Reality

387 – Juneau Tours and Juneau Whale Watching

Podcast Number 387 SHOW NOTES  Juneau, Alaska is a unique city where your clients can experience a rainforest at the edge of a glacier. Juneau is nestled in a rainforest at the edge of the Mendenhall Glacier, bordered by Mount Roberts to the east and to the west by islands and the Gulf of Alaska. … Continue reading 387 – Juneau Tours and Juneau Whale Watching

386 – Sailing Over the Arctic Circle

Podcast Number 386 SHOW NOTES  The 2017 holiday season is rushing into history and Lorene and I hope that you had an excellent holiday and we wish you a spectacular 2018. We encourage you to give this show a listen if you wish to give your clients a spectacular experience. Alaska has 1.8 million visitors … Continue reading 386 – Sailing Over the Arctic Circle

380 – The Alaska Railroad

Podcast Number 380 SHOW NOTES  If your clients are going to Alaska give them the opportunity to see the remote Alaska back country – the real Alaska. The Alaska Railroad offers a variety of tours you can offer your client. They will see the pristine Alaska where they can touch a glacier, take several exotic … Continue reading 380 – The Alaska Railroad

379 – Getting Hungary

Podcast Number 379 SHOW NOTES  Hungary is a destination your clients will love. Hungary is a beautiful mix of the old world and the new world where your clients will find stunning architecture, amazing people and culinary pleasures that include some of the world’s finest wines. If your clients are history buffs there is no … Continue reading 379 – Getting Hungary