256 – Travel Technology Round Table With Gary Ebels, Lorene and Barry

Podcast Number 256

Happy Birthday United States

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Gary Ebels joins Lorene and Barry for a round table discussion about using technology in the travel business.  We talk about how to share information with your clients using Evernote.  We also discuss Frommer’s travel tools, ITA Software’s QPX search engine, PogoPlug, GoToMeeting, Yelp and more.  Listen in and learn how we use this technology in the travel business.

A listener, Craig L. weighs in via email about how he uses technology in his travel business.  Check out his website where he uses some of the examples he talks about in his email – http://www.travimp.com/readywhenyouare

Gary throws down a challenge to Dugan’s agents and is offering up two $25 Disney Gift Certificates.  If you are a Dugan’s agent and sign up for the Home Based Travel Agent show notes via email, and send Barry an email that you have signed up, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Disney Gift Certificate.


Google buys ITA Software!

UPS offers the luggage box

Americans are in need of a vacation

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