280 – Avoya Travel Leads to Increasing Your Business

Podcast Number 280


Accept credit cards anywhere and at anytime with these new smart phone apps. Intuit, the company that owns Quickbooks is offering a free app and reader device for your smart phone to allow you to accept credit cards. Imagine closing your sale for a cruise and taking the deposit by credit card before you leave the table.

Intuit‘s credit card app is found at gopayment.com. A similar product is offered by Square at squareup.com.


Scott Koepf, Vice President of Sales at Avoya Travel joins Lorene and Barry on the co-hosted segment of the show. Avoya Travel is a host agency with a strong internet presence. Scott explains that more than sixty percent of travelers use the internet to research their vacation plans. Avoya Travel has a strong internet presence to capture this market and provide leads to their agents. Learn more by listening to the show!


Star Wars weekends at Disney World Resorts.

Independent travel agent business increased in 2010!

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