281 – A Great Destination Resource and QR Codes for Your Business

Podcast Number 281


What are QR codes and what do they mean for your business? These codes are popping up everywhere. You will find them on business cards, on stickers placed about anywhere, on products or anything else you can imagine. The big deal is when the QR code is scanned with a smart phone, your contact information, or your event information or your website appears in your smart phone browser.

My contact information My QR code with contact information is in the image at the right. Scan this code with your smart phone’s camera and my contact information will appear. Once the contact information appears on your phone you can add the information to the address book in your phone. You can create your own QR code at http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/.


The Amateur Traveler Podcast” is a resource for you and your clients where you can learn about destinations. There’s hardly a destination on earth that hasn’t been the subject of “The Amateur Traveler Podcast“. Chris Christensen, the host of the show, joins Lorene and Barry in the co-hosted segment to talk about “The Amateur Traveler” and the many destinations covered by the show. Chris also hosts the shows “This Week in Travel” and “The Bible Study Podcast.”  Join us to learn more about Chris Christensen and The Amateur Traveler podcast.



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