297 – Learning About Maui

Podcast Number 297


Chris Kai’ aokamalie from the Maui Visitors’ Bureau talks with Lorene and Barry about the benefits of selling Maui. Chris views travel agents as Maui’s extended sales force team. Chris talks about how the Maui Visitors’ Bureau is available to you to help you design special itineraries for your clients traveling to Maui. We discuss the Maui Master Specialist Program where travel agents are invited to Maui to learn the culture, events, accommodations and special features of this unique land. You can contact Chris at chris@mauivb.com.


ASTA promoting agents with a honeymoon expertise

Apple Vacations now offering travel agents a 5% commission on the air portion of their vacations

Expedia launching the Travel Agent Access Program allowing travel agents to book and receive commissions through Expedia.

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