298 – On to Kauai

Podcast Number 298


This week we move to Kauai with Maile Horner. Maile is the sales and marketing director of the Kauai Visitor’s Bureau. Maile explains that Kauai is the garden isle because only 10% of the island is developed. If you’re looking for beach, Kauai has more beach per coastline than any other Hawaiian Island. Travel agents have the opportunity to become Kauai Master Specialist. Master Specialist candidates spend five days on the island with Maile learning about the island and the culture.


Biggest Loser Resorts expanding across the U.S.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship is Sailing at 150% occupancy 

Chris Russo from ASTA was on Lifetime Televisions, “The Balancing Act” explaining how a professional travel agent can save consumers time and money. Chris answers some of the common objections travel agents hear from potential clients.

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