325 – The Northern Lights and Culinary Delights With Salmon Berry Tours

Podcast Number 325

Lorene and I had an enjoyable experience interviewing Candice McDonald, the owner of Salmon Berry Tours. Candice was joined by her co-workers Debora Dawn and Mandy to discuss their winter tours to the Iditarod dog sled races, to an exotic lodge to watch the northern lights at midnight and their summertime culinary tour where guests enjoy a variety of Alaska

Salmon Berry Staff
Salmon Berry Tours Staff

seafood.It wasn’t long into the interview before I got a real sense that these three ladies enjoy working with their guests and  love bringing them to experiences that will create memories for life. I think you will get a sense, when you listen to the interview, that these are people you will want to work with.Salmon Berry Tours will work with you to give your clients the time of their lives with their package tours, or they will help you design a custom tour for your client.

On the web at Salmon Berry Tours or call them at (907) 278-3572 and toll free at (888) 878-3572.
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