329 – Ideas and Passion for Travel Agents to Create New Business – Incantato Tours

Podcast Number 329

 This was an interview that left me filled with ideas and possibilities for creating new business in the tour market. Sandra Weinacht and Crista Hartenstein from Incantato Tours described how they personalize tours for people in your community to give them experiences of a lifetime.  Incantato Tours is a small company that has developed strong relationships with the venues where they conduct tours. Sandra and her team match your client’s desires with their many venues and then carefully work through every detail to give your client an unparalled experience. If you have connections with a choir, a band, a group of music lovers or food lovers, or a group of people who wish to experience the many cultures of Europe, then you will want to hear what Incantato Tours offer and how they work with travel agents.
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It has been the practice of the Home Based Travel Agent Show to promote independent musicians by using their music at the introduction and at the end of the show. The music was provided by Iodapromonet for the purpose of promoting independent musicians. Iodapromonet was acquired by another company that no longer provides this music free of charge. Therefore the Home Based Travel Agent Show is now using purchased clips of music designed specifically as bumper music.  I believe this is a loss for our show and a loss for the independent musician attempting to gain exposure.-Barry

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