342 – Through the Lense Alaska – A Photography Tour Your Clients Will Love

Podcast Number 342

Most of us have a camera with a phone built in, and some of us have a sophisticated digital single lense reflex camera (DSLR) but, one thing for sure, we all like taking photos while we are on vacation. Through The Lense Alaska offers photography tours for every camera owner regardless the level of experience or the sophistication of the camera. This is an opportunity for the travel agent to put together a tour for clients who love nature and want stunning photos of their experience.Through the Lense Alaska will work with you to put together a tour that fits your client. Perhaps your client would like to learn the technical skills of operating that sophisticated DSLR or maybe they just want to shoot great photos with their iPhone. Either way, Through The Lense Alaska has tours and classes to suit your client’s taste.Join Jody Overstreet, Lorene and I on this show and learn more about how you can capture the perfect experience for your clients.
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