Paradise Helicopters and the Kilauea Volcano

Podcast Number 393

Simply by watching the news, you would think that the Big Island of Hawaii is engulfed in a volcanic eruption. Well, that is simply not the case. The Big Island consists of 4,028 square miles and Kilauea is only affecting 1% of the Island.

Waynette Kwon from Paradise Helicopters joins the Show to discuss the volcano, how Paradise Helicopters is helping those affected by the volcano, and how you can book a tour with Paradise Helicopters to give your clients the experience of a lifetime. Your clients can take in the breathtaking views of the lava flows from the vantage point of a helicopter. Of course, this is all done at a safe distance but still an amazing experience.

Paradise Helicopters also has eco tours and custom designed tours to give your clients an amazing experience. Want to know more about how you can become a seller of these fabulous tours? Listen to our interview with Waynette.

Paradise Helicopters
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