Show #417 – Who is Offering a Little Magic During the Pandemic?

Podcast Number 417

Interview with Gary Ebels


Are you tired of looking at the same old four walls? This pandemic has almost everyone looking for a get-a-way that’s reasonably safe and entertaining. Disney World may be the answer for some of your clients. Disney World is open and they have taken measures to make a visit to this magical place safe.

Gary Ebels, a child in adult skin, is a true lover of all things Disney. Gary loves Disney so much that he is a Disney travel agent specialist. And, he buys Disney stock for his grandkids. I think it will be hard to find a more enthusiastic Disney fan.

Gary joins our show to talk about Disney and what they are doing during this pandemic, particularly Disney World since Disney World is open. Now, But, you may say, I don’t sell Disney so where is the value in this show for me? Well, you may have clients ready to escape their four walls and those clients may have questions for you that this podcast may help answer. Or, maybe now is the time to jump into the College of Disney Knowledge and begin your way toward becoming a Disney specialist. So, listen in and maybe the magic will strike.

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Mentioned in the intro to the show was the Lodge at the Waterfall Club on Lake Burton in Clayton, Georgia

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