Show #418 – How to Find New Clients for Your Travel Business

Podcast Number 418

With Barry Kantz

Wouldn’t it help you in your travel business if you could know your clients before you have even met them? I’m talking about potential clients. Those people who are outside of your sales funnel. The people who you would like to get know, and people who you want as clients. Imagine, if you could take your sales funnel and move it so that all of these great clients are right at the top of your sales funnel. At the top and ready for you to move them from potential clients to actual clients. You can do this by developing a client avatar.

A client avatar is a profile of who you want as potential clients. It’s a profile that will tell you how much money your ideal clients have to spend on travel, what kind of vacations and leisure time they engage in, where they live and where you will find them: online and in real life.

In this month’s show, I talk about how to create a client avatar and how that information will improve your marketing results. Listen in and get ready to build your client base.


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