442 – Health and Wellness Travel – Yoga Retreats With Rachel Roberts

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Today, for most people, travel is about the experience and not so much about acquiring things and partying. Millennials want to travel to have an experience they can share with friends on social media. Environmental awareness, healthy diets, exercise, spirituality, and a desire for new experiences are all a part of the Millennial lifestyle. Mix these ingredients with the desire to travel, along with the fact that Millennials are now the generation spending the most on travel, and you have a recipe for health and wellness tours.

In fact, traveling for health and wellness is a travel experience that resonates with all generations. All generations are looking for a travel experience that rewards them with real connections to other people, connections that include the ingredients of health and wellness travel.

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Yoga retreats are an excellent form of health and wellness travel that have all the ingredients to fulfill the travel desires of your clients. Rachel Roberts of Bija Yoga Retreats joins me in this show to talk about how yoga retreats can be a part of your travel business. Rachel is ready to team up with you to create a yoga retreat in beautiful locations that nourish the mind and spirit.

“People seem really primed to want not only to travel but to have these curated experiences that are centered around mindfulness and wellness.”

Rachel Roberts

“Out time is such a scarce resource for so many of us, so people want the ability to get away, to not want to invest a huge amount of time in planning it themselves, but to go with someone they trust whose already planned it. I know your listeners know this experience very well. So, they can experience wherever they’re going as fully as possible in the allotted amount of time, so they can rest and renew and restore and so that they feel like they actually sort of took care of themselves in the mix and so that is what a yoga retreat really does.”

“I’ll tell you what goes into making a good retreat, so people understand the cogs in a wheel. First, you need a compelling location. Those tend to be locations that have some spiritual aspect to them or some artistic aspect to them. … So, the destination matters. Then you need a resort or facility that has the space for a yoga retreat, and that space should be beautiful and compelling. … Then they need catering. … And then one or two excursions. … And then ease of access … and then figuring out who you are partnering with who would actually lead the students on the ground once they get there. “

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