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Space tourism is all about looking down whereas astrotourism is all about looking up as Michael Marlin describes astrotourism in this podcast. We have lost a precious resource over the last twenty to thirty years and that is a dark sky where, with the naked eye, we can see the Milky Way and billions of other stars and galaxies. The vast majority of the world’s population and eighty percent of North Americans have never experienced a dark sky. Our dark skies have disappeared due to street lights and the far-reaching artificial light thrown off by our large cities. In fact, most of the world’s population lives in large cities or suburban areas where dark skies are all but obliterated with artificial light.

Astrotourism is growing by leaps and bounds because people want to experience the awe of observing the stars under a dark sky. A luxury resort, Clear Sky Resorts, offers luxury domes equipped with telescopes, private decks, modern bathrooms, pools, and best of all, expansive windows where you can observe the dark sky from the comfort of your indoor space.

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Our guest in today’s podcast, Michael Marlin who goes by the name of Marlin, has written the book, “Astrotourism: Star Gazers, Eclipse Chasers, and the Dark Sky Movement.” The book takes an in-depth look at what astrotourism means for the travel trade community. Michael and I give you an overview of astrotourism in today’s show.

If you haven’t experienced a dark sky then you owe it to yourself to make a trip to find a dark sky. This is an experience you will never forget and it may bring tears to your eyes to see what you’ve been missing. And, you may return from your dark sky adventure wanting to share this experience with your clients. If so, there are resorts like Clear Sky Resorts where you may find commissioned opportunities to build your business with astrotourism.

Pick up Marlin’s book if you want to learn more. It’s available on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3n8Hvu9.

Michael Marlin

“There was a study done by a couple of PhD’s out of Missouri State University…they calculated that over the next 10 years the Colorado Plateau would generate 5.2 billion dollars … from astrotourism and create an additional 10,000 jobs every year.”

“Because 80 percent of North Americans can’t see the Milky Way anymore, more and more people are traveling to take in the last few remaining dark skies. “

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The Mind of Marlin – Marlin’s website

Astrotourism: Star Gazers, Eclipse Chasers, and the Dark Sky Movement.”

Marlin’s phone number: (702) 274-8788

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