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Shane Mahoney of Lugos travel joins the show to describe how his company takes the stress out of creating unique luxury travel packages for his clients. The process of creating a unique luxury travel package is time-consuming and stressful for the client. Often the potential client will avoid the stress and time of creating a luxury package and opt for a less unique experience or forgo the travel altogether.

Shane describes his business model and how he can create a luxury package and give his clients a quote in under five minutes. Shane wants his clients to start their vacation with an excellent experience in booking the vacation and to continue that experience throughout their travels.

It’s all about the business process and the experience you give clients as they move through that process. Shane describes this process in detail and gives examples of how he creates unique luxury travel experiences at competitive costs for his clients.

Shane Mahoney

“We take a model of high touch, high customization and transfer that into a more accessible product.”

“What we do and have done in the past with some of the more interesting trips that we’ve done is just really provide a high level of personalized detail in multiple different ways to create a better experience for our clients.”

“Our core business now is actually taking a structure that is good for luxury travel and making it not only easier for our clients to book and enjoy but also a more accessible price point so that we can affect more people.”

“We can deliver a custom, private-level quote with our essential tour package for 66 tours in 19 countries, and we can quote that for any day of the year in under 5 minutes.”

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