449 – Enchanting Morro Bay, California With Michael Wambolt

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Morro Bay is an enchanting small town on the coast of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Morro Bay is a fishing town with a beautiful harbor, but it is unlike any other harbor. It is punctuated with a large 800-foot rock rising out of the ocean. You will find several of these ancient volcanic plugs dotting the landscape around Morro Bay. The beautiful morro rising out of the harbor has earned Morro Bay the nickname of Gibraltar on the west coast.

Ancient geology isn’t the only attraction at Morro Bay. There is excellent dining at locally owned restaurants, many small inns where you are personally cared for, and outdoor adventures that will arrange the pixels in your photos or videos like never before.

The Executive Director of Visit Morro Bay, Michael Wambolt, is here in this podcast to describe the beauty and personality of Morro Bay. Listen to our conversation to get an in-depth look at Morro Bay, California.

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“The beautiful part about Morro Bay and the location is that we are about halfway between LA and San Francisco off of Highway 101 and Highway 1, and so we are a great stopping point for an overnighter or a multi-night destination.”

“The first thing you are going to see when you roll into Morro Bay is Morro Rock, an 800-foot rick right on the coast. … They call it the Rock of Gibraltar right on the California coast.”

“The great part about Morro Bay is we don’t really have a lot of brands in Morro Bay; we’re an independent spirit destination. Our restaurants, our bars, our activity companies, our hotels are all independently owned. We have a spirit of making it work. … You’ll be able to walk into different places and meet the owners and understand what they are doing, and they love helping people and serving people here.”

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