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An old New Orleans Hotel

In today’s show, we are speaking with Chris Falvey with Unique NOLA Tours, and we are going to learn about New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the unique cities in the United States. The city has an immense history that is fascinating and, at the same time, quite colorful. A part of the history is some of the most beautiful 19th-century homes and neighborhoods, each a significant part of New Orlean’s history and present-day flavor.

In addition to the colorful history, New Orleans is home to some of the world’s most fascinating ghost stories and present-day hauntings. Goose bumps on a warm day are not unusual as you tour some of the haunted houses and haunted areas.

If it’s crime stories that fascinate you, then New Orleans has many to choose from, including those from the past and those from the present day.

Join us in today’s show to learn more about how you or your clients can take a deep dive into the beauty, culture, history, and hauntings of New Orleans.

Chris Falvey

“Our real niche inside New Orleans here is … we have a variety of tours … we do like the ghost tours and we do them in sort of a different and unique manner but we have a variety of history tours that we’re really proud of.”

“We have a true crime tour which we started with, and really that’s our most popular tour because it’s kind of something that’s got mass market appeal and going to historic murders and … recent as well.”

“We also have a garden district tour that’s all sorts of history-type stuff, and the French Quarter, what we call our locals guide to the French Quarter, gives people a local spin on New Orleans in general and go into a lot of the history of the City.”

“The one thing that you will get on our tours that go up to the La Lurie mansion is a very well-researched version of the story. We don’t like to put out anything that isn’t fully accurate. … We like to make sure that when you go on our tours, we’re not going to lean into the kitschiness of certain things like the La Lurie mansion. … It’s important to us to stick to the historic facts.”

“One of our main selling points is that we keep our tours to fifteen people or less. We like the more intimate tour, and this is the case for all of our tours.”

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