Find Your Alaska With Salmonberry Tours – 1

Podcast Number 406
Salmonberry Tours offers you the opportunity to give your clients an exceptional Alaska experience. Whether your clients are young, old, or traveling in a multigenerational family group, Salmonberry will design an itinerary that works for your clients. Salmonberry offers clients who are stopping in Alaska the opportunity for day tours, or if your clients are staying longer Salmonberry offers a wide range of curated tours. Perhaps your clients want to experience Alaska in the wintertime. Salmonberry offers several curated winter tours too.

Mandy Garcia one of the owners of Salmonberry joins our show to talk about Alaska and many of the exciting things your clients will experience on a Salmonberry tour. The tour guides are all local Alaskans so the client will learn about the local culture as well as about the beautiful glaciers, wildlife, and mountains.

Don’t miss this podcast. It is the first of a two-part series about Alaska adventures. The second episode will come about in our October show.

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