360 – How Italy4Real Uses Technology to Create Itineraries

Podcast Number 360

 Operating a tour business has its challenges but it also has great rewards. Rem Malloy from Italy4Real, and Scott Rutz from Travefy, join the show to talk about the challenges of operating a tour business and how technology can remove many of the challenges for any travel consultant building an itinerary. Rem explains that building itineraries with old tools; pencil and paper, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word is a challenge because, at times, customers’ change their desires and sometimes suppliers are no longer available. This challenge is true if you are designing a vacation for one person or for fifty people in a group. Scott then explains how Travefy uses technology to overcome the many challenges of building an itinerary and branding the finished product for your travel business.

The back story of this show is that Scott listened to several episodes of the Home Based Travel Agent Show and liked what he heard. Scott contacted me with an offer to sponsor the Show. I explained to Scott that we haven’t taken compensation from suppliers in the past and that suppliers were on the show because Lorene and I liked the product and felt the product offered value to travel professionals. I then went on to say that I wasn’t against the idea of having a sponsor because the expense of maintaining a website and producing the podcast came out of my own pocket. The only criteria for having a sponsor is that the product must offer value and good service to the travel professional. Scott was confident that I would like Travefy so he set me up with an account. I explored the product and found it very powerful and easy to use. Plus, the cost compared to the value for a travel consultant was excellent at only $9 per month. The result, Travefy is sponsoring the Show and you are supporting the Show by using Travefy.

Create beautiful itineraries and quotes for just $9 per month
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