Show #421 – The Best of Travel Business Marketing and Sales Ideas

Podcast Number 421

As we move forward into a new year, we can do so with some hope that the pandemic will end in 2021 and the travel business will make a strong return because of the pent-up demand. In considering the topics for December, I wanted to focus on a topic that will help us reach out to those travelers who have been stuck at home for the past ten months. For this show, the result is a compilation of clips from previous episodes of the Home Based Travel Agent Show, where we interviewed some of the top industry leaders who shared with us their marketing and sales tips and ideas.

I hope you enjoy the clips from our previous shows and that you find them useful for 2021. I want to wish you all a great and prosperous new year with nothing but success for your business. I look forward to bringing you the Home Based Travel Agent Show for another year (the 16th) with great information and a little humor along the way.

Podcast 263 with Dave Stockert – Dave’s book: “The Idea Machine II.”
Podcast 194 with Cory Andrichuck
Podcast 315 with Cris DeSouza
Podcast 55 with Scott Koepf has no link because that show is no longer archived.

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