430 – Travel Agent & Supplier Networking at CruiseWorld 2021

Show Notes

Mary Pat and Barry captured as they recorded the show

Many of us have missed those opportunities to mingle, face-to-face, with other travel agents and suppliers. That is what this month’s show is all about — the importance of making those face-to-face connections again.

Mary Pat Sullivan, Senior Vice President of the Northstar Travel Group, and I discuss the value of those connections for you personally and for your business.

Coming up on November 10th through the 12th is a great opportunity to do just that at CruiseWorld 2021. Miami Beach, Florida is hosting CruiseWorld 2021, and if you are like me living in the northern United States, there is no better place to visit in November than Miami Beach.

I was really impressed during our interview by the health safety precautions that are planned by CruiseWorld to help protect participants against the Corona virus. So, if you have some hesitancy about attending you may want to listen to the podcast to learn what CruiseWorld is doing to protect you.

Even if you are not going to CruiseWorld you still want to listen to the show because there is a lot of content about the value of connecting with suppliers and why you should reach out to them now.

Links to Items We’ve Talked About

  • CruiseWorld 2021 website – Register here and use the PROMOCODE – TAPOD to receive $25.00 off of your registration fee.
  • Email Mary Pat Sullivan at msullivan@ntmllc.com

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