440 – Traveling Different with Dawn M. Barclay

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Travel has its own set of challenges, the TSA, passports and visas, renting cars, finding a hotel, and many others. But, what if you add the challenge of traveling with a child who is on the autism spectrum? And, why is this important for the travel agent or the travel trade?

It’s important because your clients may want to travel successfully, enjoyably, and give their child the awesome experience of travel.

One in 44 children falls on the autism spectrum. That means the chances are good that you have clients, or will have clients, who want to travel with these special children. In this show, we talk about serving these families.

Our guest on the show is Dawn Barclay. Dawn has written a book, “Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible, and the Neurodiverse. Here are some notable quotes from this show.

“By understanding how to help this community they’re going to widen the ability to help all travelers and widen their client base.”

I don’t think a diagnosis of any kind should keep you from being a citizen of the world and learning what life is like in other places.”

“Not only is it important for the child to experience the world and for the parents to not feel like they’re sentenced to a life sentence at home.”

It’s important for your travel agent listeners to understand there is training that they can get to become certified autism travel professionals. “

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