444 – Discover Cities Like Never Before With David Naczycz

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Unlocking the hidden treasures in our cities is easy when you have a kind person showing you around; showing you the culture, exploring the food, and letting you in on the history. Finding these treasures is a real joy whether you are a first-time visitor or even if you’ve been to the city a few times in the past. There is nothing like visiting local small businesses where you will get the best cup of coffee or the best pizza in the city.

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Touring neighborhoods and learning about the culture and the history of the neighborhood is a fantastic educational experience. Plus doing this in a small group of ten to fifteen people with an experienced guide gives you the opportunity to make friends, learn about the city and make plans for your stay as a result of all that you’ve learned on the tour.

Now, imagine giving your clients this opportunity to really enjoy the new cities you send them to. That is what we are talking about in today’s show. David Naczycz from WeVenture Tours is our guest and we will learn all about the services that WeVenture offers to you and your clients. WeVenture has been around for many years and has recently rebranded itself and they offer the experience you expect to give to your clients.

Please join us and take in today’s show and have your own learning experience and an opportunity to offer your clients an excellent travel product.

“We try to offer a little something for everybody families, young adults, seniors. We’ve got tours about music, food, about nightlife, history, sightseeing, and about all kinds things.

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You’re with the guide in that small group and it’s just a different experience, it’s a more intimate experience, you really get to know the guide, the guide gets to know you. You form more of a relationship between human beings.

Each tour has a focus and that focus might be history, it might be food and cuisine, it might be music, it might be nature. Each tour has a focus but we also have a philosophy that we want to be telling whole stories and what we find is that you’ll get a little bit of everything. …We’ll give you all sorts of background so you will get a complete experience of a place. … And, because you have that personal relationship with the guide, often what happens is you start talking about whatever it is that you as a guest is interested in.

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