445 – Luxury Under a Dark Sky at Clear Sky Resorts

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Aerial view of many domes

Exploring nature and spending time in environments that is conducive to such activities is growing in popularity among all age groups.

Combining exploring the Grand Canyon, and native cultures, and adding in luxury accommodations where you can spend your nights gazing at dark skies is a winning combination. Imagine sleeping in a geodesic dome with a sky panel where you can view the Milky Way, other vast galaxies, shooting stars, and all that a beautiful dark sky offers. In the evening you will see amazing sunsets. Then, during the day, you can explore the Grand Canyon.

Domes at sunset

Clear Sky Resorts is where you can do all this in a four-star environment. Clear Sky resort is about 25 minutes south of the entrance to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and about 25 minutes north of Williams, Arizona, which is on Route 66. The location of Clear Sky Resorts also offers a variety of daytime activities. This includes daytime hikes of varying degrees of difficulty and the opportunity to explore the south rim of the Grand Canyon. And Williams, Arizona, is full of Route 66 memorabilia.

Clear Sky Resorts works with travel agents, and they offer fam trips. You can go to their website and get their contact information or email them at information@clearskyresorts.com. They will be happy to set you up with an account and provide you with commissions for your bookings.

Hal Feinberg

“We have geodomes and we call them skydomes because every dome has a view of the sky through a skylight and while you are laying in bed you can look up and see stars. There is a huge panoramic window and … you can even see the hue of the Milky Way.

It is a dark sky area. You have a very large structure that also has a homey feel, we have air conditioning and a four-star bathroom. So, we try to make it almost like you are in a four-star hotel, … but with star gazing just out your door or even from your bed through the skylight. You can open up an electronic shade in the ceiling and you can leave it open if you want to see the stars or shut it if … you don’t want to get woken up early by the sun but it is a fun way to wake up.

The resort has a lot of activities. We have star gazing tours five days a week but we have a lot of amazing activities. We have romantic get-a-ways. We have one room that has a bed that hangs from the ceiling, you take a spiral staircase up and you can literally see the stars about six feet above you is the skylight.

“We’re fortunate to have a Native American flute-making artist here who will come in the evenings. He is a Grammy award-winning flute artist and it’s almost magical to see stars while you are hearing this flute.”

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