448 – Travel Scams and Hacks With Adam Levin

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You are going to get hacked or scammed. Adam Levin says travel is a petri dish for hackers and scammers. He says this is a fact of life as sure as death and taxes. It’s essential that you become educated about hacking, scamming, and fishing to protect yourself against such an eventuality.

Adam provides us with a good overview of some of the popular travel scams along with stories of some of the hacks that he has worked on as a consumer protection advocate. Barry also shares a couple of stories of his own about when he was hacked and when he was scammed.

This podcast will inform you of some scams and what you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim. Don’t miss this opportunity to become more informed.

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“Travel in and of itself is a petri dish for identity thieves and scammers and hackers.”

“Whether you are a home based travel agent or you are working for a massive travel organization in their offices, nobody is too unimportant or too insignificant for any hacker to be interested in them. They could be using us as a conduit to a much larger river. People have to understand that as they protect themselves, they are protecting their families, and they are protecting their companies.”

“The question is not, ‘are you going to get breached?’ But, the question is, ‘when are you going to get breached?'”

“If you can’t foster an environment where people feel part of a team where everybody has a sense of ownership of the privacy and security for that particular organization, it’s never going to work. Because hackers, scammers, identity thieves, they’re splitters, and what they do is they go after an individual and hope that that one individual will be so scared that they’re going to do something and that they’re not going to say anything.”

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