385 – The Alaska Northern Lights on Silk

Podcast Number 385 SHOW NOTES  Travel agents wish to give their clients unforgettable memories and experiences they share with family and friends. Lorene had the opportunity to try this on one of her many trips to Alaska and she just loved it so we thought we would bring it to you. The experience we share … Continue reading 385 – The Alaska Northern Lights on Silk

384 – Travel Visas For Your Clients Made Easy With Sherpa

Podcast Number 384 SHOW NOTES  Take the hassle out of obtaining a travel visa for your clients by learning about a new service called Sherpa. Sherpa is a secure website where your clients can submit their information including a selfie photo and Sherpa takes care of the rest. Sherpa works with travel agents to insure … Continue reading 384 – Travel Visas For Your Clients Made Easy With Sherpa

383 – Host Agency Review

Podcast Number 383 SHOW NOTES  The host agency is the most important part of a home based travel agent’s business. Due diligence is required before you choose or change to a new host agency. But how do you do that due diligence? Well, there aren’t that many options to make a good investigation. But, one … Continue reading 383 – Host Agency Review

382 – Join the Vacation Rental Property Boom

Podcast Number 382 SHOW NOTES  Vacation rental properties are expanding at an alarming rate but this market has left the travel professional sitting on the sidelines – until now. Your clients may want to travel with a group of friends, family members or just want an alternative to a hotel room. You now have the … Continue reading 382 – Join the Vacation Rental Property Boom

381 – Anchorage the Gateway to Alaska

Podcast Number 381 SHOW NOTES  Alaska is a once in a lifetime destination that calls visitors to return and return again. Anchorage is a metropolitan gateway to the Alaskan wilderness where your clients can enjoy all a city has to offer one day and the next day be in the most pristine wilderness our country … Continue reading 381 – Anchorage the Gateway to Alaska

380 – The Alaska Railroad

Podcast Number 380 SHOW NOTES  If your clients are going to Alaska give them the opportunity to see the remote Alaska back country – the real Alaska. The Alaska Railroad offers a variety of tours you can offer your client. They will see the pristine Alaska where they can touch a glacier, take several exotic … Continue reading 380 – The Alaska Railroad

379 – Getting Hungary

Podcast Number 379 SHOW NOTES  Hungary is a destination your clients will love. Hungary is a beautiful mix of the old world and the new world where your clients will find stunning architecture, amazing people and culinary pleasures that include some of the world’s finest wines. If your clients are history buffs there is no … Continue reading 379 – Getting Hungary

378 – The Sales Process – Do You Have One?

Podcast Number 378 SHOW NOTES  Selling is essential to the success of every travel agent and selling is a process. Success depends on learning this process, incorporating it into your personal style and then using the process when working with clients. This is key to increasing your sales. Benjamin Brown with 360 Sales Consulting joins … Continue reading 378 – The Sales Process – Do You Have One?

377 – REALLY Experience Alaska on an Alaskan Dream Cruise

Podcast Number 377 SHOW NOTES  Travel is all about the experience you provide to your clients. Some clients love the large ship experience with the entertainment, shopping and casinos. But is this really the way to experience a place like Alaska? Michelle Glass from Alaskan Dream Cruises joins our Show to talk about the small … Continue reading 377 – REALLY Experience Alaska on an Alaskan Dream Cruise

376 – Chasing Aurora

Podcast Number 376 SHOW NOTES  The Northern Lights in Alaska is an alluring event for people of all walks of life and all points on the planet. In this episode we are continuing a focus on Alaska with Jodi Overstreet from Alaska Photo Treks. Jodi offers tours coupled with a photography focus where she will … Continue reading 376 – Chasing Aurora